Sunday, March 24, 2013

Free Wii Points Codes


wii points cardThe concept of free Wii points codes began when Nintendo opened the Wii Shop Channel which allowed gamers to purchase Wii codes online or through cards sold in retail stores and convert the code to a corresponding number of points. A typical 1000-point purchase amounts to $10.

In light of this, many websites began offering free Wii points to their visitors as rewards for completing certain tasks. What is offered are not really free Wii points by itself, but free codes. Either way, these free codes still allow you to earn Wii points without spending money.

Wii Points from Legit Websites or

Wii Code Generators?

free Wii points codesWith the availability of free Wii points codes from a number of websites, Wii owners are given the chance to download new Wii games without having to spend a dime. Because of this, a huge number of people are looking for websites that offer free points online while an even bigger number are wasting time looking for Wii code generators.

You should be careful though as some websites that claim themselves to be giving away free Wii points are frauds. Many people have been victimized by these websites and they end up wasting valuable time and effort for nothing. Fortunately, there is still a large number of websites that legitimately give away free points if a visitor manages to finish what they require.

In the same manner as scamming websites that claim to give away free Wii points, there is also a large number of software circulating on the internet that claims to generate Wii codes. This is simply not true and you may end up downloading a virus or a malware that does not live up to its promise of giving you a Wii code.

Free Wii Points Codes for

Completing Offers or Surveys

free Wii points codesIn my opinion, this is the only practical way of getting free Wii points codes that you can find on the internet. I have tried it; it works, although it takes some time until you get your desired Wii code.

Therefore, it is best to look carefully for legitimate websites that give free Wii points because you have a higher chance of earning your well-deserved Wii code. These websites are called "GPT" (get paid to) and they spend money to buy the codes which they give away, so you should show them that you deserve the code by completing their offers or surveys.

How to get Wii Codes from a

GPT Website in 3 steps

1. free Wii pointsSign up to the website.

2. Complete offers and surveys.
The offers are usually 100% free, simple tasks like downloading and installing a program, signing up to or visiting a website, viewing a video, etc. Each offer or survey is credited, in accordance with their complexity, with a number or points ranging from 10 points to 100 points (equivalent of $1.00).

3. Redeem your free Wii points codes.
Once you accumulate a certain number of points (2000 points for a 2000 Wii code, for example), you can simply buy your Wii points code. This will be sent to you through email or by mail.


Free Wii points codes are plentiful if you know where to find them and if you know how to sort out legitimate sites from the scam sites. In the end, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor if you earn the Wii code you have worked hard for.

The “Sign Up” button above will redirect you to an honest GPT website, one with good reputation (online from 2007), thousands of members, administrators and moderators, a website that will not disappoint or waste your time. In short, this website is not a scam. You do not need money, credit card or investment. If you're interested, visit it please.

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